Sunday, March 28, 2010

Gen. Alvan Bolster

Alvan was born on 7 December 1795. He was the son of Isaac Bolster, Jr. and Hannah Cushman. He arrived in Rumford, Maine as a young man and married Cynthia Wheeler. He engaged in trade, was a farmer, and inn keeper. He held the position of Postmaster in East Rumford for thirty years. Military affairs were of great interest to him, and he joined the militia serving in the Light Infantry. He was commissioned as Ensign May 8, 1821, Lt. Colonel November 27, 1830. Later he was promoted to command a division and commissioned Major General by the Governor of State of Maine. He was a leader in the Sons of Temperance movement and an active Free Mason. He held numerous public offices, serving as Representative in the State Legislature and twice was elected State Senator.

Frank Churchill

Frank Churchill (Music)
Inducted 2001
Composer Frank Churchill's toe-tapping "Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?" featured in Disney's 1933 animated short "Three Little Pigs," raised the spirits of countless Depression-weary audiences who adopted the song as a resilient national anthem of hope. More

James William Elliott

Born in Rumford, Maine. Learned at age 10 from amateur father. Retired as physician to be a pro cardman. Toured as 'Bosco' with the 'Le Roy-Talma-Bosco' troupe 1913-17. Invented the Spelling Trick (1910) and a variety of card tricks and sleights that bear his name..