Friday, March 23, 2007

Web Site History

The original website was created by Curtis Rice, and was managed by himself and and his wife, Abbey. She is a native of rural Washington, Maine while Curtis grew up in the sprawl surrounding Los Angeles. They moved to Rumford from Boston in July of 2002 and have thoroughly enjoyed living here. They first visited Rumford while considering employment here and were were surprised to find a wealth of historic homes and buildings. The Rices have always loved history (they even met in a history class) and one of the main reasons they decided to move here was to have a chance to live in an old home and participate in the historic preservation renaissance that they believe Rumford is inevitably headed toward.
After he settled into work at the Law Offices of Carey & Associates and Abby found a job she loves as a reporter for the Rumford Falls Times, they were lucky to find an affordable and unique historic fixer-up within walking distance of both of their jobs. Although it has taken quite a lot of their time, they have been able to see the rebirth of a beautiful historic home that had been empty for 8 years and which they believe will be a great place to start and raise their family.
They wanted to spread the message about the abundance of historic homes in the Rumford Falls area in hope that others with an interest in preservation may be encouraged to invest their time and love into their own preservation project.

The Rices also have been active in the Rumford Historical Society and want to encourage more people to learn about and enjoy the history of this community and get to know others with this same interest.

Alas, as time passed, and responsibilities grew, Curtis and Abby were unable to dedicate the amount of time necessary to maintain and develop the web site. Eventually, the hosting and domain name expired and the web site seemed destined to join others in the anels of history.

One day, I met Curtis on the street, and informed him that there had been interest in the future of the web site. I informed him that the domain would cost over $600 to recover, but the web site could easily be re-created under another domain. Curtis informed me that he didn't have the time, but would provide me with the content. To make it easier to receive content, I have chosen a Blogger format. I hope to be able to do justice to this very important project.

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