Monday, April 23, 2007

Preservation Easements

There are many older residents with strong roots in and memories of this historic community who will want to see as much of that as possible saved for future generations. Many firmly committed to preservation will be transferring their homes as they retire or as part of their estates. The idea should be widely promoted that they can leave a legacy of preservation of their own home and the memories it holds and give a gift to the community it is an integral part of by transferring it with preservation easements. This legal device can be flexible depending on the wishes of the owner but the restrictions we would promote would prevent subsequent owners from making exterior changes inconsistent with the historic character of the building and the community. New construction inconsistent with the historical character of the building and community would be prohibited.

In addition to simply promoting this idea as widely as possible, the RFALS can act as a consultant on the potential legal and tax consequences and advantages of making this gift. After the gift is made it may also fill the necessary role as the non-profit easement holder who enforces the easement and monitors and provides consultation regarding any proposed exterior changes.

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