Monday, April 23, 2007


Although a basic informational website should be created early, the ideal mature website would be a "Virtual Rumford Falls" which would include a map of the town with individual buildings shown which could themselves be clicked on to link to pages on each individual property. (Other links to more general ideas, projects and events would also exist)

The pages would be designed to accept submissions that could grow organically with submissions by any interested contributors. For instance, clicking on a specific house on the overview map will show a page with a picture of the house and basic information available through town records (date built, names of owners, assessed value (with owner's permission), etc.). People visiting each page are invited to submit current/historical photos, stories and any other interesting information that relates to that property. The information will grow as the owners or other interested individuals continue to contribute. This project would have the potential to grow as large as the interest it generates and, aside from the initial design and set-up, would require minimal ongoing maintenance and monitoring.

The site would be linked to as many other Web Pages as possible (i.e. Town of Rumford, Chamber of Commerce, Local Real Estate Offices, National Trust for Historic Preservation, Maine Trust, Polar Bears, Black Mountain, RAPPA, etc. - any reasonable website that will let us post a link.)

This website would be a resource both for those already in the community and for those who may be exploring the possibility of joining.

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