Sunday, December 23, 2007

Anatomy of a Mill Town

By Eddie Fontaine

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Anonymous said...

Over the years, working in the mill, I never thought of the town as a "mill town". It was simply a town of people. I think those who like to categorize things, putting things in a place of high and low, labeled Rumford as a mill town. Although some today also label the town a "blue collar" town, denoting its inferiority to "white collar" Cape Elizabeth and others, I never thought that the "mill town" label for the town meant that it was inferior to other towns which did not have a mill employing the majority of its citizens. That was because I worked with some very good people, mill workers, and knew many good people in the town, who simply were not inferior to anyone no matter what their occupation. I do think those who worked in the mill took some pride in living in a "mill town" as well for their high wages, brought about by the labor union that was finally organized in the Forties, created a good and stable economy for businesses and other professionals. Hooray for our mill town Rumford!